Monday, November 15, 2010

Rockwall City Council 1 November

The World Series kept the meeting short, luckily preventing the amount of damage our council could do.

Too bad we don't have a World Series more often.

Note. Certain thin-skinned folk had their feelings hurt from comments on my last blog. To prevent that happening this time, I will omit their name in this blog. I will not mention which councilman in order to prevent embarrassment.

Mayor Bill Cecil and Councilman Mark Russo absent.

III. Proclamations.

1. Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month.

Councilman David Sweet presented the proclamation to a couple citizens who have lost family to pancreatic cancer. Both are involved with the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.

3. Animal Shelter Appreciation Week.

Councilman Cliff Sevier presented the city's proclamation to the city to let all citizens in the city know what a great job the city does. The city gracefully accepted it's own proclamation.

2. Herb Moltzan Appreciation Week.

Mayor Pro Tem ____ _____ presented the proclamation to Herb Moltzan who served on the Parks Board for 10 years. Mayor Pro Tem ____ _____ served with Mr Moltzan for 3 years on the Parks Board.

IV. Open Forum.


V. Consent Agenda.

None Pulled.

VI. Appointments.

1. Rockwall County Committee on Aging. Gave the annual report showing lots of meal on wheels were handed out. They also need the city to give them $21,500. Councilwoman Margo Nielsen made the motion, which passed 5-0.

VII. Action Items.

1. Continued discussion of directional signs for downtown. The city staff rejected Councilman Sevier's suggestion of teaming with National Sign Plazas as the free signs now cost $3500 each. The city staff proposes to do signs in-house at a cost of about $500 each.

A brief discussion as how more signs will improve the city, contradicting previous statements by council that "sign pollution" was the 2nd greatest blight on the city of Rockwall. (Lake Rockwall Estates being the first, of course), led to a motion to have the Main Street committee look into sign needs for downtown.

Surprisingly, Mayor Pro Tem ____ _____, who normally hates sign pollution more than he hated being mocked in a previous blog, was silent on the issue of more pole signs in the city.

I guess it's ok to clutter the city with signs, so long as the city is the one doing it.

2. Rockwall Kennel Club is a new PR program by the city that automatically enrolls you as a member when you adopt an animal from the city pound.

3. Council got to spend some money to plan and promote the upcoming $60,000,000 (my estimate) bond election. During a recession. With 10% unemployment. And predicted inflation. And record high foreclosures.

Wat coud posibly go wrond?

4. A Christmas Market will be held on San Jacinto during the Christmas Parade on Dec 4, permit needed to close the road.

5. Cranky guy who complained about a wall between his house and the new apartments on Yellow Jacket got a compromise. The wall will be masonry, then tubular steel - by the trees he didn't want destroyed- then masonry again.

Adjourned just shy of 7pm! Short meetings are possible, but only because Rangers trump talking to hear one's own voice.