Monday, May 30, 2011

Rockwall City Council 16 May

Relatively short meeting.

III. Proclamations.

1. National Safe Boating Week. Boating can be dangerous. Be safe. If you want some safe boating classes, check out Bass Pro Shops in conjunction with the Coast Guard Auxiliary.

2. Recognition of YAC students.

3. Content removed due to extreme profanity by the author.

45 minutes later.....

IV. Consent Agenda.

Passed 6-0.

V. Appointments.

1. "Please waive fee at Harbor." Passed 6-0 without discussion.

2. YAC report on Senior Prom. It was a success! Near as I could tell it was fully paid for by donations.

VI. Action Items.

1. Issuance of Certificates of Obligation. Passed without discussion 6-0.

2. Mobile adoption unit purchased.

3. Adoption of code of ordinances. Also, all ordinances are now online.


For those not aware, on May 14th the city of Rockwall held the general election for the Mayor's seat and 3 open council seats. The results are as follows:


David Sweet, 1,565 (70.15%)

Glen Farris, 557 (24.97%)

Sam Buffington, 109 (4.89%)

City Council Place 1

David White, 1,067 (53.35%) <---that's me

Bob Lewis, 731 (36.55%)

Freddie Jackson, 202 (10.10%)

City Council Place 3

Bennie Daniels, 1,003 (50.63%)

Mike Townsend, 808 (40.79%)

Bill Watts, 170 (8.58%)

City Council Place 5

Michelle Smith, 854 (41.88%)

Connie Jackson, 645 (31.63%)

Dennis Lewis, 540 (26.48%)

On June 6th, I rise from the world of the proletariat - transitioning from the swordn in to the sworn at.

I will continue this blog, albeit in a form yet to be determined.

An attempt will be made not to irritate my fellow councilmen in my writing, but I make no promises...

Rockwall City Council 2 May

Apologies for the extreme delay since the last blog. I was slightly preoccupied...

Thus begins my second to last blog as on of "those" people:

III. Proclamations.

1. Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.

Fact: Motorcycles are fun.
Fact: 4-Wheel cage drivers aren't looking out for motorcycles.

Motorcycling presents more risk thus requiring greater defensive posturing while operating one.

Also, I love motorcycles.
Mine on the way up to McDonald Observatory in the Davis Mountains:

2. National Day of Prayer. May 5th a county Mayor's breakfast calling for a day of prayer for our country.

V. Consent Agenda.

All passed without discussion 7-0.

VI. Appointments.

1. Ruth Peck had some things to say about Music Fest. Also gave some gifts to parting councilmen.

2. Fella came to explain "congregate care facilities." Basically, it was explained as a long term hotel-resort for the senior citizens.

Long discussion ensued.

VII. Public Hearing Items.

1. TIF stuff for PD-32. No none spoke, no action taken.

VIII. Action Items.

1. TIF stuff, passed 7-0 without discussion.

2. Gun range needs fixing. We share the facility with multiple law enforcement departments. Total repairs are $410,000, are part is about 27%.

3. SUP's for all future elder care facilities? Maybe, but not on this go round. Long discussion led to a motion to have staff look into requiring SUP's for any type of senior living facility. Passed 5-2, Sevier and Russo opposed.

4. Banners? We don't need no sticking banners. Ordinance banning all off premise banners passed 7-0, effective August 7.

5. Banner stuff for special events, related to item #4. Passed 7-0.

6. Changed maximum allowed height for front yard fences from 42" to 48".

7. Employees given a bonus (haven't had step increase pay raise in 2 years) due to higher than expected sales tax revenue. Police also got an increase in pay. Passed 7-0.